Thanksgiving Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Investors

Being a landlord and an investor is rewarding. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to reflect and be thankful for all the positive returns of your business and be grateful for the people that matter.

Thanksgiving is an occasion to celebrate with your loved ones, but extending your heartfelt gratitude doesn’t only go within your circle of family and friends. Spare some time to send a thank you note or greeting cards to those who make your business successful: your business partners, clients, and tenants. Just a simple gesture that you thought of them makes them appreciate you more. This way, it promotes your business without sounding like a salesperson.

You can also send greeting cards to potential clients or potential business partners. These cards are considered to be indirect advertising without making it look as such. It would help if you wrote a personalized message that’s appropriate for each person, so it seems more personal and well thought out. Avoid writing a sales pitch inside your card as it will only discourage your clients. You can, however, add your name and contact number discretely, so they have a reference for you in the future.

Sending out these greeting cards is a simple act that could go a long way.