Risks of Leaving a Property Vacant

Leaving a property vacant is not ideal as it poses certain risks to your property and will in the long run lead to losing money. We don’t want to leave our property vacant. It has to be occupied as much as possible for proper maintenance.

Theft, vandalism, squatters, water damage and fire are some of the risks so here are some tips that can help minimize these threats.

1. Home Alarm System

A monitored home alarm system is very useful to prevent unauthorized access to your home. You can monitor it even while you’re away from from it. It has timed lights for both interior and exterior. It makes it seem that your property is not vacant. A home alarm system can prevent squatters and thieves from getting into your home.

2. Smoke Detectors

Check your wiring and smoke detectors. Even a vacant property is prone to fire when not checked regularly. This can be prevented by regular check-up of your home if there are faulty wiring or anything that might cause fire. Negligent outsiders can also cause accidents. Check your security system to prevent this from happening.

3. Wait Until Your Property Is Sold or Rented

Leaving a property vacant is not quite a good idea unless your home is sold or rented. It would be better to wait until your house will have a new owner or renter before you move out. This way, you are assured that somebody will stay in your place. You can also have someone in your family stay in the place rather than leaving it totally empty.

4. Keep The House Well Maintained

Clean the house regularly not only the interior but the exterior as well. Clear the clutters, keep the lawn clean, trim the trees, etc. A well maintained house prevent gatecrashers. It makes them believe that the house is being occupied.

5. Hire a Housekeeper or a Property Management Company

If you don’t really have the time to do all the things mentioned and you’re just too busy to maintain your vacant home, you can hire someone to keep the house well maintained or you can hire a property management company. They can also look for someone to rent your place if you decide to lease it. The property manager will take care of it for you.

It’s best not to leave a property vacant but if it can’t be avoided, keep the property well maintained to prevent it from getting damaged. An empty house deteriorates faster because it’s not well maintained.

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