Real estate trends for the first quarter of 2022 in Florida

During this first quarter the real estate market in Florida has been very “variable”, although many are reaching their goals, others are still waiting for the market conditions to stabilize to achieve it, but while waiting the real estate trends of the first quarter of 2022 of the market in Florida, look favorable and encouraging many to enter the real estate market.

Some of those real estate trends that will help you make the decision to invest in the market are:

Expected increase in housing supply

This inventory shortage has dropped to levels never seen before in this area of the country.

We find offers just for three months; the time needed to sell all available properties.

This has caused sales and rental prices to rise sharply and rapidly.

Fortunately, construction companies are developing new real estate projects.

That give us a great relief and a better outlook to invest in the area.

Housing prices should decrease

Experts tell us that after last year’s strong increases, prices are not expected to be low in a short time.

The good news is that at least prices are expected to continue rising, but in smaller amounts and more slowly.

This will allow to get better offers in a timely manner.

Foreclosures are on the rise

Despite the financial efforts that many have had to make during this pandemic period.

The Federal restriction prohibiting foreclosures due to this period has ended.

As a consequence, foreclosure have been on the rise, allow for a greater supply of properties on market.

Allowing better opportunities for those who want to invest now.

Providing more reasonable prices and better market conditions.

Inflation increases interest rates

Mortgage interest rates are sure to increase due to rising inflation.

The Federal Reserve in an attempt to control inflation, will reduces its purchases of mortgage-backed assets.

This is allowing them to increase mortgage rates.

We see this reflected in the increase in 30-year fixed rate loans in the last quarter.

Although experts see this as temporary, as the Fed continues to withdraw its stimulus, rates will continue to rise.


While the outlook could be pessimistic for those who want to invest in real estate now

this is certainly the best time to do it, and we will tell you why.

That’s why we want to invite you to contact us now, so that our group of professional advisors specialized in Real Estate can help you improve your financial future.

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