Property Management Companies Offer Liability Protection

Do you want to rent an apartment or lease commercial space in the Miami Beach area? One of the factors to consider when choosing where to live is whether there is a property management company involved. One of the greatest benefits of a Miami Beach property management company is liability protection.

What Is Liability Protection?

Personal liability coverage is a standard piece of any renter’s insurance policy. Property managers have to protect their space. They purchase insurance that helps them stay protected, and part of that protection extends to you as a renter.

What Is Protected Under Property Management Liability Insurance?

The liability protection your property manager has will cover any damages to the structure of the home, whether through the fault of the tenant or the landlord. This could include fires or broken pipes. As a renter, this allows you to be free from any costs associated with remedying these damages. In addition, your property manager is held liable to resolve these problems.

The Benefits Of A Miami Beach Property Management Company With Liability Protection

One of the major benefits a renter reaps by going with a property manager that offers liability protection is cost-related. Securing renters insurance is an important piece of being a renter. With your Miami Beach property manager’s liability protection, there are parts of your renter’s insurance policy that you won’t need to get.

Prior to purchasing your renter’s insurance, you will need to evaluate your lease agreement to determine what is covered as part of your property manager’s liability protection. This will give you the tools you need to know what you need to add to your own policy.

A Simple Explanation To Understand Liability Protection

The best way to understand how liability protection works is this: the Miami Beach property manager is liable for the building, and the renter is liable for the contents of their rented space. While it’s excellent to have the liability protection from your property manager, it is not the only protection you need. You will still need to secure your own insurance for any personal property in your apartment or business.

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