Prepare Your Rental Property for Summer

Summer is here. People are getting excited for the warmest weather of the year and the most lucrative season in the real estate market. Here’s how you can prepare your rental property for this season.

Every season we need to keep our rentals updated with proper maintenance and better marketing for those looking to rent. Since summer is the most active time of the year, we need to be at par with the competition when making our properties appealing. During the summer, more people are looking to move and buy a new home. Students are also looking for summer jobs and prefer a place to stay near their workplace.

Summer is a great season for more opportunities so make the most out of it to attract renters to your rental properties!

Here are some ways to prepare and earn more for the summer.


Check your air conditioning unit in case there are issues that need to get fixed. Change filters regularly to avoid clogging. You can do the inspection by yourself or have your tenant do so but if you want a full inspection, you can ask a professional to check the whole unit. Tenants are paying for utilities, so make sure there are no problems relating to air conditioning, water and electrical systems. Your rental properties should have proper ventilation and there should be no obstructions that could block the airflow. Tenants’ units should be airy, fresh and well-ventilated. Check windows, doors and every corner of the house that could have possible blockage of airflow.


Windows and doors could have leaks that could let cool air pass. To avoid this, check these areas and seal openings. Fix any cracks that could cause leakage. This will also help save on utility bills. You have the option to use an affordable fix that could save you money. Here’s a tutorial that will guide you on how to seal leaks in your home.


The safety of your tenants must come first. In any season, your fire and alarm systems should be in good working condition all of the time. During summer, heat could trigger temperature whether inside or outside the house. Protect your tenants and your rental property by having your smoke detector and alarm system working.


Time to tidy up your yard by cutting down trees, trimming shrubs, planting, and checking the sprinkler system. Make your curb appeal is attractive. Planting flowers will add color to your landscape. Summer is a happy time of the year where people love to go outdoors! Your landscape will make a drastic difference if you make it colorful, clean and attractive.

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