Prepare Your Pool For A Hurricane

Do Not Empty the Pool

Refrain from draining the pool completely. Water in the pool provides weight to keep the pool in the ground. Heavy rains can result in excessive groundwater that causes pressure that can make an empty pool “float” or “pop” out of the ground. If you expect heavy rain and decide to lower the water level to help prevent overflowing, do not drain past the bottom of the skimmer. Also, remember that running your pool pump dry can cause severe damages.

Turn Off Power to Equipment

Turn off circuit breakers at the main electrical panel. Pool equipment such as pump motors, pool lighting, chlorinators, and heaters should not be operated in a storm. If you have a gas heater, turn off the gas supply at the valve. 

Protect Electric Pool Equipment

Wrap the pool pump, time clock, light transformers, and electric heaters with waterproof plastic. Securely tie them in place to prevent sand and water from entering. If flooding is a concern, disconnect these devices and store them in a dry place.

Do Not Throw Loose Items in the Pool

Chairs, tables, patio umbrellas, pool toys, and other loose items can become dangerous projectiles in high winds. It’s best to store them inside, out of the storm. Never leave objects in the pool to protect them from a storm. This act may damage the objects and cause serious metal staining problems in your pool water. Remember to store your automatic pool cleaner in a safe place.

Do Not Cover Pool

Storms can cause falling branches and other debris that may damage pool covers. It’s much easier and less costly to remove debris from the pool than it is to replace a cover. By not covering the pool, you are preventing unwanted damage and avoiding dealing with a problematic removal if the cover is full of heavy water and debris.

Protect Screen Enclosure or Safety Fence

If you have a pool safety fence, we recommend providing a vent for the wind to flow through to help prevent damage. Possibly remove screen panels on opposite sides of the enclosure or remove them altogether. If you decide to remove any child safety fencing, do not allow children near the pool after the fence has been removed. Remember to keep the exterior doors locked.

Trim Trees

Trim nearby trees and bushes of all dead limbs or branches that may become airborne and cause damage to your house, pool equipment or screen enclosure. By doing so, you will prevent excess debris from damaging your property.