Own An Apartment Building? Hire A Miami Residential Property Management Company For Help

Real estate is an excellent investment. Many investors in the Miami area look to purchase multi-family apartment buildings. The goal is to maintain high occupancy rates and make a profit based on the rent collected from tenants. Owning an apartment building is hard work! A lot goes into the daily operations of keeping an apartment building running and in good condition. As the owner, you do not have to take care of all of these things on your own. It’s critical to hire a Miami-based residential property manager to help you with both daily tasks and bigger projects. JMK Property Investment is your go-to management company in the Miami area. 

A Miami Residential Property Manager Can Handle Tenant Relations 

First and foremost, we help you with tenant relations. Apartment buildings can have hundreds of residents. As an owner, it’s impossible for you to cater to the needs of each tenant. A property management company manages tenant relations. The management company is the point of contact for tenants if they are having issues. Whether they have a maintenance request or have a question about their rent, the management company can help solve all of their problems. At JMK Property Investment, we have a 24-hour on-call emergency service line that tenants can call if they need help at an odd hour. Tenants can rest assured that even if a pipe bursts in the middle of the night, they will be able to get help. 

Manage Rent Collection

Rent collection is the most crucial aspect of owning an apartment building. Without timely rent payments, it will be impossible to turn a profit on the building. JMK Property Investment monitors monthly rent payments from tenants through an easy-to-use online rent collection platform. We make sure that tenants are paying the correct amounts and getting their payments in on time. If there are any issues, we follow up to make sure you get your rent. As a last resort, we will help you take legal action and work through the eviction process for tenants who refuse to pay. Collecting rent is a big task, and by working with a property management company, it can be done in an efficient, organized manner.

Take Care of Repairs and Maintenance

Every apartment building needs routine maintenance and repairs. By keeping up with annual maintenance tasks, your building is less likely to need extensive repairs in the future. Tasks like servicing the HVAC, maintaining the landscape, cleaning the roof, etc., should be taken care of each year. In addition, be prepared for other types of repairs that are unexpected. Common apartment repairs include fixing appliances, plumbing repairs, and pest control. These repairs are often requested by tenants who notice issues in their unit.

At JMK Property Investment, we have relationships with many local contractors and repair/maintenance companies. These companies go through a bidding process in order to keep prices fair and competitive for you as the owner. You don’t have to worry about annual preventative maintenance or emergency repairs; at JMK Property Investment, we take care of it all.

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Regular Inspections 

The best way to keep an apartment building in excellent condition is to do regular inspections. JMK Property Investment does frequent interior and exterior checks of your property to ensure everything looks good and works well. If we notice anything wrong, we will schedule maintenance ASAP.

Maintain High Occupancy Rates 

Without high occupancy rates, your apartment building won’t be profitable. As an owner, it is challenging – if not impossible – to maintain occupancy rates without the help of a management company. JMK Property Investment first works to increase retention of current tenants. We do this through reliable, friendly, and efficient service.

Next, we help with marketing your building to draw in new tenants. With each new potential tenant, we make sure that they are a desirable candidate. We check their credit history, eviction history, run a background check, and verify their employment/income to ensure they will be a trustworthy tenant capable of paying their monthly rent. Our goal is to keep your building as close to 100% occupied as possible with responsible tenants.

Financial Services & Asset Management 

As a property owner, we also know how important the bottom line is. JMK Property Investment uses state-of-the-art accounting software to provide you with monthly financial statements. As a result, each month, owners can review our customized reports to understand how their investment is doing. We are here to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your investment and what can be done to help you make more money off your property.

Help From A Miami Beach Residential Property Manager

Owning an apartment building in Miami is a great investment, but it’s also a lot of work. As a result, it can’t be done without the help of a property management company. JMK Property Investment is a Miami-based property management company. We do everything from helping collect rent to providing you with detailed monthly financial statements. Our goal is to make your property the best it can be.

We aim to maintain high occupancy rates in your building so that you can turn a profit on your investment. We are the eyes and ears of your building, as well as the direct contact point for your tenants. Because of this, our staff is always available to help your tenants, listen to their concerns, and provide a solution. In addition, between our 24/7 emergency helpline and our easy-to-use rent collection platform, we aim to make things easy for everyone. For more information on property management and the services we provide, contact JMK Property Investment today.