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Multifamily Property Investment Miami

Our Multifamily Property Investment Group is primarily focused on targeting apartment buildings of 40+ units or more in South Florida. JMK Property Investment is actively seeking value-add multifamily investment opportunities in the Miami and Southern Florida Real Estate Markets.

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Multifamily Property Investments in Miami

JMK Property Investment takes pride in our extensive portfolio of multi-family apartment buildings we have created as part of the vibrant and culturally diverse community of Miami. Every project we undertake, advise on, and partner with, our mission remains the same: we always keep the future of the community we’re contributing to top-of-mind. Our vast experience and expertise in the Miami real estate market allows us to understand the current state of every neighborhood, the local economies, unique needs, regulations, and more, so that we are only acquiring multifamily properties that benefit the area and its residents.

In addition to multifamily property investments, the team at JMK Property Investment is constantly seeking new opportunities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Acquisition of new multifamily properties
  • Redevelopment projects
  • Joint ventures
  • Mixed-use and multi-use opportunities
  • Infill development projects
  • Land banking & more

Our work doesn’t stop with the upgrade of the property. When a multifamily property investment is updated by JMK Property Investment, our team works diligently to fill the units with high-quality and happy tenants, using the latest and most effective marketing and tenant vetting processes available.

Experience you can trust

Our extensive track record of impressively on-time and on-budget remodels, coupled with our professional network of the best lender and investor relationships, is exactly why we continue to grow year over year.

At JMK Property Investment, we continue to grow our multifamily property portfolio, while feeding our pipeline with future opportunities, so we are always up to date and expanding our expertise.

By leveraging our unique and comprehensive model of a full-service property investment solution, we are able to gather information from the experts in each of our teams to design and implement the most fluid strategies that get the job done on-budget and ahead of schedule.

Our in-house marketing and research teams, coupled with our in-depth analytics capabilities will mean that everything is planned out and tailored to the unique needs of our investors, always yielding the greatest return.

What sets JMK Property Investment Apart

At JMK Property Investment, we only work with the best. Our team and network of expert real estate investors, design professionals, construction management, and financial partners impresses not only the investors who work with us, but also the community in which we develop.

The JMK Process

Whatever your property investment needs are, JMK has you covered. From financial services, to development, to property management and even maintenance, JMK has the established process, relationships and strategies for the most fluid execution of your projects.

Working with JMK Property Investments means you will work with industry experts in:

We are constantly balancing a pipeline of contracts under development while seeking new opportunities, whether for new development projects or investing into existing property.

Contact JMK today for a free property analysis, and to determine just how much value JMK can create.


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