“Moving to Florida”, the dream of many of us

Moving to Florida

It is time to move and invest in Florida, the dream of many of us, living in Florida can give us a better purchasing power, luxury living and certainty an excellent quality of life. Personally, moving to Florida has been a dream of mine since I was a kid!

What we see?

Numbers do not lie, without a doubt a state that receives many immigrants in the country.

A state when we can realize our dream “The American Dream“.

Immigrants are looking for better quality of life. Also, they’re seeking better economic conditions. The state has been extremely favorable and attractive for real estate investment.

Some of those factors:

  1. People can earn their salary from New York or California and work from Florida
  2. Stricter Covid19 policies in the Northeast and the West has incited people to explore states where the lifestyle wasn’t too impacted by the pandemic
  3. Florida, is one of the 10 most tax-friendly states for retirees, has no state income tax (no state taxes on Social Security benefits, pensions, IRAs, 401(k)s and other retirement income).
  4. It has no inheritance tax.
  5. Free enterprise policies.
  6. People are friendly and welcome.
  7. Florida is central. It’s easy to travel to California, New York, Europe or even South America, especially from cities like Miami.
  8. You can learn to speak Spanish.
  9. Due to the population growth in the state, the economy is booming in Florida.

That is why many are moving to Florida and especially Miami. Indeed, the city gives us the best: permanent sunshine, ability to communicate in Spanish and relatively relaxed Covid19 restrictions during the pandemic, which created a great sense of freedom.

In JMK, we cater to the new flow of people coming to our Sunshine state. A greater number of our customers are coming from New York and the West.

Call us and give us the opportunity to provide you with our best professional advice on how to transition to living in Florida and possibly find a new home. We’re waiting for your call.


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