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Miami Leasing and Brokerage

With decades of vast experience, JMK property investment is a trustworthy and leading Miami brokerage advisor, taking on projects in both the Miami area and Southern Florida markets. We strive to provide only exceptional service for our clients, with a special focus on leasing, acquisitions and sales of commercial, multi-family & single-family properties. Our team’s deep understanding of the local market, and entire real estate acquisition cycle all the way through management and maintenance sets us apart to provide investors with the edge you need to get the greatest ROI.

Our leasing and brokerage services include:

  • Investment Services
  • Landlord representation
  • Tenant Representation

As experienced real estate professionals, we understand everything about the real estate markets, the local economies, and the unique regulation demands of each neighborhood in the Miami area. We strive to maintain the impressive reputation that we have developed, and continue to grow our portfolio to give our partners and investors the best leasing and brokerage service available.

We leverage our in-house research and marketing teams, the latest technologies, and the greatest analytics approach to develop innovative solutions that succeed every time. By working with the JMK Property Investment Leasing and Brokerage team, you’ll receive a highly specialized strategy, tailored to your unique needs, so you can rest assured that you’ll get the greatest ROI, with the greatest protection of your assets top of mind.

Comprehensive Service

When you work with JMK Property Investment, you’ll be impressed with our comprehensive approach to property investment. Whatever service you need, we have industry-leading professionals to guide you through, and lead decisions during the entire process. From Financial Services, to development, to property management and even maintenance, JMK has the established process, relationships and strategies for the most fluid execution of your projects.

Contact JMK today for a free property analysis, and to determine just how much value JMK can create for you.












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