Marketing Tactics to Attract Student Renters

Advertising your business to young renters is a challenge that will make you step up your marketing game. Gaining their attention requires different and creative ways based on their behaviors and preferences influenced by today’s culture. The infinite choices available makes it difficult for them to choose what they really want. As property owners, we have to stand out to potential student renters. To be unique from the rest, these are some of the marketing ideas that will help you capture their attention.


Today’s generation use the internet as part of their daily lives. Social media is their source of information. You can create Facebook fan pages, Twitter and Instagram ads to attract buyers. Social media is one of the most powerful tools to draw attention to students. Be at par with the latest trend to be more effective in your marketing tactics. Upload quality images of your property and write a catchy description to gain interest of students.


Participate in upcoming school and community events where you can set up a booth in campuses to introduce your products and services. You can hand out flyers to students passing by or ask to fill out an application form to potential renters. It’s a great way to market your properties to get faster results.


Marketing in social events can be more effective with the use of mobile marketing. You can invite students to stop by at your food truck for some free food and hand them out brochures of your rental properties. This will get a lot of attention for your business and you can easily initiate a conversation with them through face-to-face interactions.


Offer some freebies to potential student renters. You can give out merchandise such as shirts, mugs, pens, etc. It will be an additional value to have your company logo printed out on these giveaways. When students wear or use these merchandise with your company logo on it, it will catch other people’s attention and they can even recommend your services to their friends. You may think it’s not a good idea to spend on something and offering it for free but this will definitely bring good results in the end.

It’s advisable to have the student’s parents sign the lease agreement with them or have a cosigner to be safe.

When it comes to coming up with ideas to capture the interest of young renters, property owners have to be creative and not just settle with the usual marketing strategies. Remember that today’s generation are dynamic so we have to match their needs. Competition is tough these days so we have to be competitive as well. In the end, all these marketing efforts will yield a good return of investment.

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