In Miami, everyone is rich, work is plentiful and its paradise

It has been said that in Miami everyone is rich, there is plenty of work and its paradise

In Miami everyone is rich, there is plenty of work and it is paradise, is what our relatives made us believe, when they came back with gifts and things that we did not have in our country.

As a result, we felt proud when someone would ask us….

  • “And where did you buy that?”
  • I brought it from Miami…

We always thought that Miami is the best city in all of Latin America

However, the difference is that Miami does work, and really, it seems that everybody is rich…

  • It is a clean city; garbage collection is permanent.
  • You don’t see people doing any disorder.
  • They respect the police.
  • Sidewalks, streets and roads, are always well maintained.
  • The internet and telephone services never fail, there are no power or water cuts, transportation is clean and safe.
  • In addition, you will never feel that things are scarce and you can find products from your country.
  • The same as typical food restaurants, like the one your grandmother used to cook.
  • There will always be less chaos, less insecurity and above all, without the corruption we all know.

That’s why in Miami you feel at home and also with all the best you can have.

But nothing is perfect, life is a constant effort to make it better.

Here you will find professionals from other countries or undocumented, working hard to get ahead. What with effort and sacrifice will surely be temporary, there will always be opportunities to improve and move forward.

You will always be able to build better things and ensure a wonderful future for your families; and when it comes to the dream of owning your own home, the opportunities will always be better; the processes of credit, state aid, documentation and professional advice, are always available to everyone.

Is it possible to live normally in Miami without speaking English?

The truth is that yes, yes, it is possible….

It will depend on the job you can get and if it pays well; even if your immigration status is legal.

Try to “live normally”, unless you don’t have to work or if you are already a pensioner.

Miami is not a cheap city as many people think.

If you live in Hispanic areas, you will be able to get around better and more fluently; but there will be times when they will not help you with the language.

Today, many websites have a Spanish section, ideal for job applications and shopping; there are also many businesses, where the language is spoken; so it has become a requirement to be bilingual Spanish-English to work with the public in Miami.

Fortunately, there are many Spanish-speaking people to assist you; even if you speak English but you prefer to do it in Spanish; however, we recommend you to learn English, at least the basics to communicate.

Many authorities are used to dealing with Hispanic citizens who do not speak English.

In civil and criminal courts there are interpreters available to help you; some government agencies have personnel who speak English; there are also police officers of Hispanic descent who, although they are not fluent in Spanish; understand it quite well, and health centers and hospitals have people who can help you in your language.

In the city some avenues and streets have Hispanic names, numbers and cardinal orientation (SW, SE, NW, NE); therefore, it is easy to understand and move around the city without mastering the language.

So, “yes, you can live in Miami without knowing English”, but we always advise you to learn it soon; even more if you want to have access to employment and educational benefits; so you can live better, in the city we all love…

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