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HOA Services

Just some of the services we offer


Board Meeting Preparation And Management

Our Licensed Community Association Managers prepare, attend and participate in all regularly scheduled Board of Directors meetings and Annual Election meetings. Community Managers partner with Board Members in attending Board Member Orientations where changes in procedure and protocol are often discussed. Additionally, committee meetings are attended with minutes created per Board request. Reports are also provided seven days prior to the Board meeting leaving time for communication regarding additional information that may be needed to facilitate timely decisions. These meeting minutes and action lists are available for review by Board Members five days after the previous Board Meeting.

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Dues And Collections

The collection of assessments is the lifeline of an association’s financial stability. Our assessment solutions system helps ensure consistent collection of assessments for our associations. JMK makes monthly HOA dues easy for board members and homeowners alike with simple online or mail-in payment options and accurate billing statements. All delinquency collections are administered by a dedicated and knowledgeable team that understands the balance between good homeowner relations and the necessity of consistent collection practices. Board members must have accurate and timely operating statements to make the right call on important decisions concerning their associations. JMK Property Investment prepares easy-to-understand operating statements promptly that can be viewed online, sent via email, or sent First-Class through the U.S. Postal Service.

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Meetings And Inspections

Our experienced management supervisors can provide oversight and direction for board meetings and annual homeowners meetings while recording minutes and noting items for further action. Every property benefits from regular inspections, which ensure that maintenance and janitorial matters are attended to properly.


Annual Calendars

Every community we manage has an Annual Calendar created for their repeating annual events and yearly scheduled business requirements as a corporation. We supply Board Members with background and information to support the need to take action, minimizing last minute decisions. The timing of community events or scheduling of repeating Board Member decisions can be listed on the Annual Calendar making it an invaluable tool to stay on track and anticipate tasks before decisions are needed.

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Preferred Vendor Management

JMK Property Investment provides clients with a list of proven, licensed, bonded and properly insured vendors who are comfortable with our response expectations and reporting standards for seamless communication and positive Association maintenance results. Our Vendor Coordinator monitors licensing and insurance securing current proof of both, for reference.

  • When requested by Board Members we secure proposals from at least 3 vendors using a detailed scope of work.
  • We review the proposals for discrepancies requesting proposals from additional vendors if necessary.
  • The Board is presented a proposal comparison, making their assessment of proposal details and analysis of the project easier.
  • This enables the Board to arrive at a knowledgeable decision. During scheduled property inspections, vendor performance is monitored. Board Members are kept informed as to vendor performance through property inspection and work order reporting.

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Emergency After Hours Service

The Association’s Community Manager is available 24/7 to assist homeowners with after hour concerns regarding the Association. We employ an emergency after hours service to assist homeowners on weekends and after hours.

  • When a homeowner calls JMK Property Investment and the office is closed, contact information is provided for the emergency service.
  • The emergency service has the Association’s Profile so previously chosen preferred vendors are used for all normal emergency scenarios.
  • In the event of a special emergency, the service would call the Community Manager who would also provide support to homeowners.
  • If for some reason the Community Manager is not accessible by the service, Senior Management would then be contacted for assistance.

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Legal Updates And Compliance

As necessary, Legislative legal updates are reviewed and distributed by JMK Property Investment to Community Managers ensuring their understanding of new laws and regulations. When entering into a project, Board Members receive proposals along with legal insight as to considerations the Board must be aware of.



We pursue technology that integrates well with our existing processes serving JMK in our relentless focus to work more efficiently while assisting our clients. The integrity of JMK’s technology is a primary concern as information reliability is valuable to the communities we manage. The JMK website security is consistently monitored to ensure information is secure and prevent unwanted access.

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Board Bulletins

JMK Property Investment feels a responsibility to keep Board Members informed and educated. We provide Board Bulletins, communicating legislative updates, changes to law or civil code or our internal changes which affect our clients in all Director Reports.

A team of professionals for your community

At JMK Property Management, we assign an experienced Licensed Community Association Manager (LCAM) to your community as a management partner. With this partnership in place, a number of actions and experts are available to assist you with your community. Part of this service includes, but is not limited to, Director Reports, Minutes and Action Lists are reviewed by Senior Management to engage another review of decisions, responses and actions to be taken on behalf of the Board of Directors. In case of the Community Managers absence, Senior Management would step in and be familiar with current association matters.

Our Maintenance Coordinators address, monitor and report work orders issued for property maintenance, as needed. We also customize our approach for each community or client we work with. A JMK Association Profile created for every community allows us to contact the preferred Association vendors for every maintenance issue and a work order report is provided in the Director’s Report for the Board to review at every meeting. Maintenance Coordinators also issue keys and passes for communities with amenities and vehicle parking management.

The Administrative Assistant serving your community supports the Community Manager generating all written correspondence to homeowners and vendors, administrating Architectural Applications and performing daily administrative duties. Our team approach allows the Community Manager time to be available for same day responses to phone calls and emails, availability to anticipate problems before they arise, and to approach Board Meetings as an opportunity to partner with Board Members, finding solutions to community challenges.

Miami Florida HOA

We offer HOA services to landlords and homeowners in and around Miami Beach & Key Biscayne FL

JMK Property Investment offers every client its full commitment. Our personal level of investment motivates us to provide efficient and comprehensive reporting, creating a reliable stream of information while catering to every client’s and community’s needs.

Our community property management team provides responsible service for your homeowner’s association in Miami Beach ensuring that the community where you live is managed with the best care.

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