Join The JMK Team

We have a dream and vision for the entire family: enable our team members to work at their full potential and fulfill their personal legend. That’s our commitment to the JMK family.

Working with us is more than doing a job. Our mission is driven by our culture and its 5 pillars: customer focus, empathy, teamwork, constant improvement, and passion.

Our technology focus, dynamic energy and spirit of service brings our best and brightest together.

As a JMK property investment, you’re integral to our collective mission. We work hand in hand with you in the path of growth and opportunity. We are right there, cheering you on and helping you build the skills to achieve your goals.

From continuing education to supporting your personal growth, we want to see you become the best version of yourself while having a positive impact on others along the way.

Why Work with JMK? 


Education is a top priority for everyone at JMK. That’s how we distinguish ourselves and bring the best value to our client. We offer training and coaching to help our staff grow and meet their aspirations. Our training programs provide guidance for individuals at every career level.


Innovation is one of our key competitive advantages. JMK property management is focused on empowering our employees to support their success in the field. Together, our first class training consultants have cemented our status as industry pioneers.


At JMK, as a team member, you’re a priority. The company’s success must come hand in hand with yours. It’s that sense of belonging to a family but also of knowing that you’re cared for that distinguishes us as a leading brokerage company.

Local Expertise

At JMK, we’re primarily focused on the Miami market. What does it mean? First, we’re boutique and treat our team members as partners rather than a number. Also our network is extremely strong in the Miami market. We leverage over 25 years of real estate experience combined with operations in property management, general contracting and investment to strengthen our expertise and relationships in this market.