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Asset Management

JMK Property Investment’s asset management services are unparalleled. Our expertise in finance, asset management and equity comes from our experienced team of real estate experts with vast backgrounds. We leverage our years of experience, and the relationships built with our extensive network of lenders and advisers to give you the greatest investment experience possible. Customer service is our number one priority, ultimately yielding investors a significant return.

We are leaders in the South Florida market, with combined expertise in the submarkets of Fort Lauderdale, the Miami Metro area, and Palm Beach. Our real estate investment team is constantly seeking opportunities in other locations in the Southern Florida real estate market to act on rapidly and to remain competitive in the constantly-expanding real estate market.

Protecting Your Assets

JMK Property Investment will take every measure to assure your assets are protected, with thought and your ultimate investment will always be top of mind with every action we take. Every choice we make is determined in a thoughtful analytical process, with the latest technology and innovative strategies put in place, combined with our team’s vast industry knowledge, and our impressive network of the right relationships that we’ve built from years of success.

Superior service and trust in asset management does not only come from a place of caring for our clients and investors – it comes from experience, and the knowledge of exactly what it takes in every step of the process to increase your margins. Our team moves quickly to match the ever-changing needs of the Miami area and Southern Florida markets, never missing a great opportunity that comes our way.

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Maximizing Your ROI

Maximizing your ROI is not only our pleasure – it is our fiscal responsibility. It takes dedication and strategic execution of the most innovative tactics to compete in a high-demand market, and we make it work best for all of our internal and external stakeholders. We leverage strategic investing with the most extensive and effective operating and asset management strategies to increase every stakeholders’ bottom line.

By identifying the ideal investors, cultivating relationships, and maintaining a periodic report structure, we’ve developed an extensive client list and portfolio that we are proud of. We are unique in our ability to incorporate all resources, knowledge, and expertise of a full-scope real estate team, and it will show in your final return.

The JMK Process

Whatever your property investment needs are, JMK has you covered. From financial services, to development, to property management and maintenance, JMK has the established process, relationships and strategies for the most fluid execution of your projects.

We are constantly balancing a pipeline of contracts under development while seeking new opportunities, whether for new development projects or investing into existing property.

Contact JMK today for a free property analysis, and to determine just how much value JMK can create.


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