9 Important Commercial Property Maintenance Services

Property maintenance is integral to the overall success of your commercial investment. JMK Property Investment offers commercial property management in Miami Beach that includes exceptional maintenance. 

Our experienced team is well versed in preventative and ongoing maintenance needs. And we take care of coordinating repairs for our clients 24/7. 

Before selecting a commercial property maintenance solution, consider asking how they manage these nine important services: 

Lawn and Landscape Maintenance For Commercial Properties in Miami Beach 

The upkeep of the lawn and landscaping around a commercial building also makes a lasting first impression. Essential commercial property maintenance includes regular mowing and upkeep of landscape beds. 

A watering system for lawns and landscaping is especially important for commercial property management in Miami Beach. 

Trees and shrubs around commercial buildings require regular trimming. Well maintained landscaping enhances the visual appeal and value of a commercial property. 

Part of commercial property management in Miami Beach is monitoring for storm damage. A thorough commercial property maintenance plan includes regular inspections after severe weather events. 

JMK Property Investment is knowledgeable about what is required for lawn and landscaping maintenance. Because of our ability to solicit large annual contracts for these services, we receive very competitive rates. Our property owner clients often save money when switching to our commercial management services. 

Painting and Drywall Maintenance for Commercial Properties 

Regardless of the tenants, a commercial building suffers wear and tear. A commercial property maintenance company needs to monitor this and address it as necessary. 

Painting and drywall maintenance for commercial properties involves not only immediate repair and touch-ups, but also a schedule for larger painting projects. 

Exterior Building Repair and Maintenance for Commercial Properties

Commercial property facade repairs often require immediate attention. This is both to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the building’s exterior, as well as for safety reasons.

Building exteriors need to be kept clean with regular power washing as applicable. 

Regular inspection of rooftops and addressing repairs is part of commercial building maintenance. Rooftops require occasional cleaning and removal of leaf debris. 

Plumbing Needs for Commercial Property Maintenance 

Plumbing repairs are an aspect of commercial building repairs that require availability around the clock. A clogged sink or overflow in a restroom area is unsightly and creates a slip/fall liability risk. Not to mention the potential water damage to the immediate and surrounding areas. 

Electrical Needs for Commercial Property Maintenance 

Commercial properties need an electrician that responds to emergency repairs. 

Regular electrical maintenance includes resetting any tripped breakers. Additionally, ongoing maintenance includes replacing bulbs in light fixtures and ensuring outdoor lighting is in good working order. 

HVAC Maintenance and Commercial Property Management in the Miami Beach Area

An HVAC service for a commercial property is another around-the-clock function. Any commercial property management company in the Miami Beach area knows how important it is for air conditioning service to remain functioning properly. 

HVAC maintenance for commercial properties also includes regular replacement of filters. Ductwork cleaning and equipment maintenance require scheduling at regular service intervals. 

Commercial Property Maintenance for Parking Areas

Parking areas require regular litter clean-up. Trash receptacles in the parking area require regular emptying. Typically, a commercial property maintenance company contracts this service out. 

Parking area repairs require immediate attention if they are a safety risk. Parking area maintenance includes scheduling of repaving and repainting as needed. 

Lighting maintenance of parking areas is important for general safety and crime deterrence.

Commercial Property Management and Graffiti Removal 

Even a well-maintained building suffers in appearance and perception with graffiti tags. If not removed right away, one graffiti tag draws others. Unfortunately, buildings with graffiti also attract more crime. As mentioned, maintaining property lighting in parking areas and around commercial buildings is important. A well-lit building is less vulnerable to graffiti damage. 

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Commercial Property Maintenance Cleaning Needs

Cleaning of a commercial property is something that people notice either when it’s done very well or poorly. The goal of the best commercial maintenance companies is not mediocrity but an exceptional level of cleanliness that gets noticed. 

The cleanliness of a commercial property directly affects the types of tenants the owner attracts and retains.

A good first impression starts with clean entrance areas. Floors and surface areas are part of a regular cleaning schedule but sometimes require immediate attention. 

Don’t overlook hallways and stairwells. Trafficked areas in commercial buildings require frequent cleaning. 

Commercial property maintenance includes regular washing of interior and exterior windows, as well as glass doors. 

Restroom cleanliness leaves a lasting impression on building visitors. Not only do restrooms require regular cleaning, but should also be checked for refill needs of paper products and soap dispensers. 

A commercial property maintenance service includes a general cleaning after a tenant vacates a space. 

When JMK Investment manages a property, all cleaning services completed meet the highest quality standards. 

JMK Property Investment Commercial Management Services in the Miami Beach Area 

Selecting us as your commercial property management and maintenance company leaves you with much less to worry about as a property owner. Because of our extensive experience, we know how to handle any maintenance situation.  

When services are contracted out, we receive the best rates due to the number of properties we manage. JMK Property Investment only works with dependable, insured, and experienced contractors. As your commercial property manager, we also coordinate all routine maintenance and timely responses to repairs. 

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